Frequently Asked Questions

Getting verified on Magic Eden:

  • How do I get my NFT collection verified on Magic Eden?
  • When will I get a response from Magic Eden?
    • You will get a notice of acceptance or rejection between 1-2 days.
  • How long does it take to get verified on Magic Eden?
    • If your project is accepted, and provided that all information is submitted correctly post mint, we will be able to verify you within 1 day.


  • I want to list an NFT, do I have to pay listing fees?
    • No, listing fees at 0% on Magic Eden.
  • What are the fees on Magic Eden?
    • Magic Eden takes 2% on all transactions. Magic Eden honors the royalties set by creators.
  • When a sale happens, how long will it take to get SOL into my wallet?
    • SOL is transferred once a sale is confirmed.
  • How much are royalties?
    • Royalty amounts are set by the creator and paid immediately after a happens.
    • You can check the royalty % set by each creator on the item detail page.

Bidding (Make offer):

  • I made an offer, do I need to pay any fee?
    • No, make/cancel offer fees at 0% on Magic Eden. However, we do need to keep your offer price in our escrow.
  • I made an offer, and the item is sold, how can I cancel my offer?
    • You can always cancel all your offers from the "Offers Made" tab within "My Profile" page.
  • What's the minimum offer price for an item?
    • To increase the probability of matching offers, we currently set the minimum offer price as 50% of the listing price.


  • What is Magic Eden launchpad?
    • Launchpad is a Magic Eden product and service that aims to help creators mint their collections without any technical know how. . Currently, we’re only accepting a small number of projects, but we hope to offer this to more people soon.
  • How do I mint my own collection on Magic Eden?
    • If you are a creator and want to mint on Magic Eden, please submit an application to our Launchpad program: Launchpad Application Form.
    • Our first Launchpad cohort has been selected but will be opening up future cohorts soon.